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Six Reasons Travel Agents are Back

1. Travel agents offer guidance. It’s a scary world out there, and even seasoned travelers are a little nervous. Whether the destination they are considering is facing the Zika virus or the threat of terrorism, travelers are more inclined to talk through their concerns, and get unbiased information, from a live agent. “The tips we […] Read More

Royal Caribbean Receives ‘Autism-Friendly’ Certification

Royal Caribbean International has been certified ‘Autism-Friendly’ by Autism on the Seas. According the FAQ’s found on Royal Caribbean’s website, “Cruise lines are awarded for their efforts to ensure their products and services are accessible for inclusion and participation by the autism and developmental disability community”. According to an article from Travel Weekly, “The certification […] Read More

Passports Must Be Valid at Least 6 Months From Return Date

Your passport must be valid for at least an additional 6 months from your return date. This requirement has always been in effect, however it is now becoming more strictly enforced by airlines and cruise ships. Failure to comply can result in denial of boarding and travel. It is important to know the rules and […] Read More

The Importance of Purchasing Travel Insurance

We all have unexpected emergencies. They come up at the very last minute and catch you by surprise. Imagine you have a trip planned and you just arrived at the airport, the weather is horrible outside and your flight gets cancelled, or maybe your luggage has gotten lost. Imagine another situation where a family member […] Read More

10 reasons why you still need a travel agent

In the age of online booking sites, using a travel agent may feel like going the way of the dinosaur.  But agents are more useful than simply selling trips to Disney World and cruises. Many agents still provide services or have knowledge that you just can’t get online –and sometimes, especially in times of crisis, […] Read More

Southwest Airlines Has Gone International

Southwest Airlines has formed a great brand. Customers are loyal due to their service and incentives such as Two Free Checked Bags, Low Fares, Rapid Rewards, Calming Vibe, and now their International service. Southwest Airlines is traveling far beyond the United States. They have expanded their services to include Mexico and the Caribbean. Locations in […] Read More

Bon Voyage: A New Ship for Royal Caribbean

Great News for Cruisers! Royal Caribbean International has announced it will begin the construction of their brand new ship, Ovation of the Seas. The brand new ship is scheduled to arrive sometime in the Fall of 2016. The ship will be categorized into the Quantum-class as the third ship in the fleet. According to an […] Read More

New Year’s Eve in London

Many plan out their New Year’s Eve to stay at home, go out, or spend it in a whole different country! How Exciting! Every year since 2003, London has put on a firework show at the London Eye. This year, London is planning to do this a bit different for their Firework Show. “The Organizers […] Read More